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The People Behind Pappys Texas BBQ

The People Behind Pappy's Texas BBQ

Robins Pappy smokin’ on the BBQ

Robin with her Mom & Pappy

Robbin Perris (BBQ Pitmaster) stood in front of an American flag smiling in front of a sign saying "Pappys Texas BBQ"

Pappy’s Daughter Robin

Man (Micheal Perris) with his arm around a women (Robin Perris) both wearing Pappy's T-shirts and smiling at the camera

Robin & Husband Michael

Authentic Texas BBQ through & through

You may know us a little by now, but we wanted to share a little more about the people behind Pappys Texas BBQ.

Out in Texas, the Hurta family name is synonymous with barbeque smoked low n’ slow. No occasion is celebrated, no matter how small, without a Hurta staying up through the night to tend to a smoker full of meat. Needless to say, everyone wants an invitation to a Hurta party.

In 2014, Robin – born a Hurta, married a Perris – brought three generations of her family’s barbeque heritage from sunny, dusty Texas to her home in the Lake District. After her husband, Michael, and her dad, Pappy, designed and built her first smoker, she made quick use of her family’s well-loved recipes and the tips she picked up pit-side from her barbeque cook-out lovin’ family.

With this husband and wife team at the helm, Pappy’s Texas Barbeque quickly outgrew their trailer smoker, leading them to find a home in The Old Smokehouse in Kendal. This building, restored and upgraded by Michael, features commercial-quality smoke pits and a range of specialised equipment that enables Pappy’s to service their Smokehouse Bar & GrillTaco Bar & Take Out service in Kendal, Cumbria. 

Pappy’s has also expanded to provide a range of authentic smoked meats for Nationwide Delivery via their Online Shop & to provide outside cater for weddings and events.

‘Our business is a celebration of Pappy’s life and legacy. It is built upon the knowledge and traditions passed down through a family of Hurta pitmasters.’

Robin Perris - Founding Director & Pitmaster

Born and bred on the legendary smoke trail in Taylor, Texas, Robin has always had a little barbeque running in her veins. 

This Pappy’s founder and 3rd generation pitmaster learnt to wrangle the pit and get it smoking just-so from her barbeque-loving family.

With many years of hospitality experience under her belt and the lessons learnt from her days as a rodeo queen, Robin is always ready with a smile, knowing how to make her customers feel welcome, all the while keeping the business running smoothly behind the scenes.

Though the heat and tastes of Texas occasionally call, Robin and her husband Michael are firmly rooted in the Lakes with their 3 kids and 2 local businesses. She knows from experience how dynamic this business environment can be and feels strongly that locals and holidaymakers alike will be shouting ‘bring on the BBQ!’

Michael Perris - Financial Director & Master Pit Builder

If you were to peek inside to see the cogs and wheels moving within Pappy’s Texas Barbeque, you would likely find a happy Michael building in the corner. 

As a master builder with over 25 years experience, having an eye for design and the technical skill to execute his creative plans, makes him invaluable to the Pappy’s team.

He has designed and built all of Pappy’s smokers, from their first trailer pit to the commercial-sized operation currently in place at Kendal’s historic old smokehouse. 

Alongside his work as a director at Pappy’s, Michael owns a successful building company, BRITICAN Design & Build which specialises in the construction of high end homes and commercial projects including restaurants, hotels and retail.

The next Generation... Annie, Lucy & sam

“Our kids have been a huge part in helping me bring my vision to life for Pappy’s. They’ve grown up and been there from the beginning and supported us with the evolution of Pappy’s over the years.

From helping their grandpa Pappy & Michael to build the smoker at the smokehouse, to working our truck at festivals. They’ve been involved helping work on the pit crew, running front of house and even playing live music outside at our smokehouse! It’s been a real family effort and such a joy to have them be a part of the family business.” – Robin

Welcome to our tribe...

It’s our pleasure to be able to share our authentic Texas BBQ over this side of the pond and nothing gives us more pleasure than welcoming new folks into our tribe.

So whether you live locally and can visit our restaurants or you’re ordering our oak smoked meats for nationwide delivery. We’d love to be a part of your gatherings and we promise to provide a delicious feast of finger lickin’ Oak Smoked Pappy’s Texas BBQ!

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